Conductive Education (CE) is an educational based rehabilitation that has been developed by Dr. Andras Peto for groups of individuals with motor disorders. It is a learning process, and also a partnership between the educator (The Conductor – teacher) and the learners; it involves learning and development of movement, speech and mental ability together, not separately.

It is not a new method!
It was established in Hungary shortly after the II. Wold War. Today there are Conductive Education Centers (Peto method) all around the world, from Europe through the US until Australia and New Zealand, where it is one of the government funded rehabilitation methods. Conductive Education can help for children and adults with Cerebral palsy, adults with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and those who have suffered Stroke or Head injuries.

About Conductive Education at Step and Smile

What is the difference between CE and other therapies?
This is an educational program, the goal is to teach children and adults to live an independent and active life as possible. Learn how to wash hands, how to use the toilet or get dressed are very important in the everyday life especially for special need children and adults. In a Conductive Education program after solving various task series, we put into practice what we learned.

Why should you choose CE?
Leaning in a Conductive Education group is fun. It is in a group setting, working in group makes the program more enjoyable for the children: they motivate each other, cheer for each other. Many people with CP became active members of the society with the help of Conductive Education, and became able to live a more independent and happy life. Some of them became able to attend regular education system, have a profession and family.